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Oliver Sampson olsam at
Mon Jul 21 10:22:09 UTC 2008

I wanted to change my network card from DHCP to a static IP on my Fedora
9 box. So I did. The network icon (in Gnome) then shows up with an [x]
saying the connection is broken. I then changed the DHCP server so that
the systme would return a static IP address when queried, yet the
network icon still shows up with an [x], despite the fact that the
network still works.

This is pretty irritating because both Evolution and Firefox start in
offline mode, and I have to go and manually change them.

So, how do I get the Gnome network icon to actually show the real
network connection?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Oliver Sampson               Support Indie Music!
olsam at

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