Problem with crontab joblog

Guillaume guillaume.chardin at
Mon Jul 21 11:10:49 UTC 2008

> Are you sure the cronjobs are producing output? If there is no output, no
> email is going to be sent.

Sorry for being late to replying to your post...
Yes, the script i run produce output.
As I describe my problem before, mail are sent when I cronjob are run
with "root" but not with another standard user.

I check some other things today.

     * path to the file in crontab
     * ACL on file (760)
     * crond logs in /var/log  (seems to correctly run the script, and
no errors reported)
     * results of the script I run (it works)
     * I set MAILTO var in user crontab to somethingstupid at localhost
and no entry are written in /var/log/maillog about this recipient

In crond manual there was an option to set debug flag i set it up and
i wait for the result maybe, it will show something... I'll tell you.
In case someone as an idea, contact me :D


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