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Mon Jul 21 11:56:25 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-07-21 at 12:22 +0200, Oliver Sampson wrote:
> I wanted to change my network card from DHCP to a static IP on my
> Fedora 9 box. So I did. The network icon (in Gnome) then shows up with
> an [x] saying the connection is broken. I then changed the DHCP server
> so that the systme would return a static IP address when queried, yet
> the network icon still shows up with an [x], despite the fact that the
> network still works.

Decide on which method you want to assign static IPs, here's two
simplified explanations:

a. Set your client to have a fixed IP, and pay no attention to a DHCP
server on the network.

b. Set your client to be configured by your DHCP server, and configure
the DHCP server to always give the client the same IP.

Doing "a" is easier if you turn off NetworkManager and use just the
network service daemon, and you input the network details you want to
use into the network configuration.

Whereas "b" just requires setting up the server as you require, the
client was already set to work that way.  (Find out the MAC for your
client's ethernet port, use that in your DHCP server to tie a fixed IP
to a particular network interface.)

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