Fedora 9 and VMWare Server

Claude Jones cjones at levitjames.com
Mon Jul 21 14:11:47 UTC 2008

On Mon July 21 2008, Alex Katebi wrote:
> What advantage are you gaining by doing things that way? My vm's run just
> fine the way I'm doing it now - what improvement should I expect by
> learning the method you suggest?
> I thought that you were encountering errors by running the vmware tools
> alone. I was trying to help you to install vmware tools without errors.

no, I am seeking information - you made some rather cryptic statements and I 
was trying to learn something - I'm afraid I'm still not understanding you - I 
am not the original poster, and I'm having no problems running vmware-server 
on top of Fedora 9, which is what I believe the original poster was asking 

*to be clear, I'm running vmware-server, the latest version, installed from 
the rpm on the vmware site, on my F9 box
*after running the new version as an update to my working vmware installation 
yesterday, I then ran the any-any 117 patch, which built a new module for my 
vmware version and running kernel
*I then started up a WinXP vm and it produced a message telling me my vmware 
tools were out of date 
*I then installed the vmware tools without incident, and my WinXP vm is now 
running perfectly on top of Fedora9

I still don't understand exactly what it is you're doing. For example, you 
stated: "Before booting your guest Fedora make sure that your vmware cd drive 
is not pointing to an iso image. After booting install the vmeare tools as you 
said. Then untar & unzip the vmeare tools."

First, I'm not booting a guest Fedora - I'm running mostly Windows VM's on top 
of Fedora 9. Secondly, after installing vmware tools as I've said, my virtual 
machine runs perfectly; but, you then state that I should untar & unzip the 
vmware tools! OK - let's assume that's a typo, and you meant to say, I should 
untar & unzip the open-vm-tools...If that is correct, what exactly shall I 
gain from all this?
Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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