that old GNU/Linux argument

Björn Persson listor3.rombobeorn at
Mon Jul 21 14:16:49 UTC 2008

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
> What I was thinking of is a discussion of things that apply to all
> Linux distributions, where using a specific distribution gives the
> impression that what you are talking about is distribution specific.
> This is especially true when the discussion is between users of two
> different distributions.

OK, in that case naming one distribution is too specific, but you need to be 
careful to not use a too generic term instead. I don't think you can find 
much that can be said about all distributions from Tomsrtbt over Smoothwall 
and Slackware to Fedora, apart from what can be said about Linux itself or 
the GNU core utilities. You'll probably have to say things like "many 
distributions" or "all the big distributions".

Björn Persson

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