Problems ejecting cd/dvd media on F9

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g wrote:
> Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
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>> Why would a Fedora Unity Re-Spin (which gets its updated RPMs from the 
>> official update repository) work any better than a system which is 
>> kept up-to-date via yum (or insert you favourite package update tool 
>> here)?
> true, as as i should have responded to 'poc'.

Yes, I got his email *after* I sent my response.

> yet, to my thinking [or lack] with something in condition of 1st f9
> release, i would rather install new 'fixed' in event that for some
> reason or other, something may have not been updated.

I don't understand why.  There are very *few* updates that require a 
system reboot after installation to work correctly.  Most require no 
more than a restart of the program involved (though firefox and 
thunderbird may not shut down properly if left running through an 
update).  At most, an rmmod and a modprobe should do for most kernel 
modules, but these are the cases (like a new kernel) where a reboot is 
probably better.

> granted, a lot of configuring has to be done and one day i will start
> using some sort of revision tracker, or tripwire equivalent, to handle
> tracking what gets changed.
> all in all, i do not feel that repetition is that much of a waste of my
> time as it does help build familiarity with a system.

I find it helps the learning process.

> when there is an upgrade, ie, f8 to f9, i will not try to upgrade f8. i
> will keep f8 and do a new install of f9 and use both until i am sure
> that upgrade is working properly. then and only then will i get rid of
> f8.

I usually try and upgrade, usually through yum first, and if that fail, 
through the media.  I *hate* having to reconfigure everything I've 
already configured.  Even so, these days, it seems like an install over 
a previous install acts more like an upgrade anyways, so I'm no longer 
sure what's the difference, unless the install will install "new" 
packages and the upgrade won't.  If that's the case, the RH needs to 
make it clearer to us poor users.

And when my upgrade doesn't work, I end up with an even better idea of 
how things work (or don't work as may be the case).   B^)

> granted also, this analogy is not same as 1st f9 being replaced with
> f9 respin, but it is as close as i can think of now to explain my
> reasoning.
> in a way, i am like a man who wears both a belt and suspenders. cyoa.

I didn't think kids today wore either....    B^)   I've always thought 
of myself as the plumber who wears a belt.

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