AMD64 and Scanners

g geleem at
Mon Jul 21 18:34:47 UTC 2008

Oliver Sampson wrote:
> of?

possible in '/dev'.

also, have you made yourself a member of scanner groups?

i had to do this to get a scanner to work.

also, is scanner working thru sane, xsane, or gimp?

i had problems with optic pro under xsane, but it worked perfect with

in a google linux search, *"avasys" AND "v10"*,  this showed up
among 14 total hits,

and lead to,;Code=270

which was;

Hi, I got iscan working on AM64 platform. Did this by removing the sane 
backend for x86-64 and installing the 32 bit sane backend then 
installing the iscan and plugin RPMs.
iscan functions but the scanner is not recognised as such by sane, 
"scanimage -L" shows no scanners. So other apps that use the sane 
framework can't use the scanner although iscan is a plugin for GIMP.
So, something working but it would be nice to have proper x86_64 support.

also, have a look at,

anyway, i need to go offline again, this is google link i always use as
it is for 'advanced search'.

note above what i used for search line. should not take you long to wade
thru 14 hits.





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