vim setup question

kevin kempter kevin at
Mon Jul 21 20:45:26 UTC 2008

Hi All;

I'm working on several client Linux servers (Fedora, RH, CentOS, etc)  
and I've setup my own profile like this:

I have my own special bashrc that I source on each box which amoung  
other things has a alias for vi:

alias vi="/usr/bin/vim -u ~/.myvimrc"

This works pretty nice since it calls vim with my own vinrc file  
(~/.myvimrc) which looks like this:
set background=light
set nohlsearch
set ai
syntax on

On my laptop I also have a .vim dir which sets the syntax highlight  
colors I like. Is there a way to have a .vim dir that is only applied  
when I call it (similar to how I reference my ~/.myvimrc ?

I want to do this so I have the settings I like while leaving the  
settings as is for others who login with this same userid.

Thanks in advance


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