32 bit Java app on 64 bit Linux

Steve Dowe steve at onecool.com
Mon Jul 21 23:30:32 UTC 2008

Kevin Martin wrote:
>    Are you sure that it's using it's own java?  Just because it 
> installed it doesn't necessarily mean it's using it (one would think so 
> but...).  It would be interesting to see what Zend is actually using 
> (you may be able to do this in the startup script with a "set -x" or you 
> may need to look at it with strace).

I tried to strace the launcher but it seemed to cause it to hang (I'm 
not a dab hand with strace yet..).

However, I have been looking at this all evening and have discovered 
it's not specifically a Java issue, but rather a 32-bit networking 
problem.  Basically, the 32 bit apps that I have installed (on 64 bit 
Fedora 9) are not able to resolve domain names, but they do still have 
network access.

I installed firefox.i386 and when trying to browse to www.google.com it 
responded with "Server not found".  I pinged Google, got the IP address 
and put that straight into the address bar in FF and hey presto, web page.

So I think I've been inadvertently misleading this investigation. Sorry 
about that!

There was a really useful (if old-ish) page that helped inform me on the 
name resolution process in Linux: http://linuxgazette.net/issue50/tag/1.html

In a nutshell, it /appears/ that calls using gethostbyname() are not 
working, but gethostbyaddr() is.  I have no idea how to resolve this (no 
pun intended).  Networking libraries appear to be installed correctly 
(AFAIK) in /lib and /lib64.

Any further thoughts very welcome!


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