that old GNU/Linux argument

Alan Cox alan at
Mon Jul 21 23:31:32 UTC 2008

> BTW, please also remind Telsa and also whoever's in charge of
> linux(tm) that her home page and their front page don't abide
> by

Go read up on trademarks before making yourself look a complete and utter
muppet. Using a mark for its appropriate purpose doesn't always require
attribution. Sticking a mark in the middle of other things in a way that
causes confusion generally needs that and may well need the permission of
the rights holder.

The difference between talking about a Xerox machine (genuinely by Xerox)
and trying to sell your own product as GNU/Xerox is quite different.

(compiling products with Linux/gcc - after all if GNU needed Linux, and
RMS said they needed a kernel then clearly gnu products needed Linux

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