mp3 ripper

Joseph L. Casale JCasale at
Tue Jul 22 01:52:55 UTC 2008

>First, you'll probably want to use the following instead for ripping:
>~/Music/%A/%d/%t - %a - %n.wav
>Ripping produces files in WAV format.  Using .%x as the extension
>probably isn't what you want.

Sorry, Yeah I didn't change the "rip" format because I let it delete
the wav's.

>Also, check the options under Config, Misc; you'll probably want to
>select "Do not lowercase filenames" and "Do not change spaces to
>underscores".  This should produce what you want for ripped files.

Did all this.

>As for the filename for the encoded file, you'll want to set "Encode
>file format" under Config, Encode, Encoder:
>~/Music/%A/%d/%t - %a - %n.%x

All that I want is "%t - %a.%x" yet it didn't work. I had all the settings you
suggested already. I will try on another box when I get a chance...


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