that old GNU/Linux argument

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Tue Jul 22 06:02:17 UTC 2008

On Jul 21, 2008, Tim <ignored_mailbox at> wrote:

> Software for Linux = Linux software.

By this reasoning, reading Linus' first announcement of Linux, you'd
conclude that Linux is a GNU kernel.

> That's how the English language works.

  Sadly, a kernel by itself gets you nowhere. To get a working system you
  need a shell, compilers, a library etc. These are separate parts and
  may be under a stricter (or even looser) copyright. Most of the
  tools used with linux are GNU software
		Linus Torvalds		"torvalds at"

You may also note the "These are separate parts", "used with linux".
I.e., not part of linux.  linux is the kernel.

So, anyone who insists in naming Linux all of the GNU operating system
used with the kernel Linux is contradicting the primary developer of
GNU and the primary developer of Linus.

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