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On Jul 22, 2008, Ric Moore <wayward4now at> wrote:

> Here's Linus's take on it...
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> We're "open source", and we're not a religion.

Attack on the Free Software movements' social concerns, mislabeled as

> We don't "twist peoples arms".

?!?  Is this about a misunderstanding of the GPL, of the FSF strategy
of education to build up market pressure, or about the verbal violence
of his followers to take credit for all the work that went into the
GNU operating system and promote their own philosophy over GNU's?

> We don't force it, we don't twist it, and it's ok not to 
> believe in the GPL or our ideals.

Attack on the false assumption that the GPL is the only acceptable
license for the Free Software movement (a very common misconception),
on social responsibility, and on seeking the common good.

> In fact, "our ideals" aren't even one unified thing to begin with.

Each for one's own, and proud of it.  Right and wrong, good and evil,
are for each to decide on his/her own, screw the rest; we don't even
want to discuss it.

> We also don't try to pervert copyright into a "you have to _use_ things 
> in a certain way".  We don't think "fair use" is a bad thing.

Attack on the FSF based on an outright lie or misunderstanding.

> It's not a religion, and it's not about suppressing other people and other 
> viewpoints. 

Except in as much as suppressing the GNU philosophy by renaming the
GNU operating system, of course, and then remaining silent when his
followers oppose violently those who ask this unfair situation to be

> -------------------------------------------------------
> That is a man that I can follow.

Veiled and explicit attacks based on lies or misunderstandings, that
make himself look good while badmouthing, stepping and shitting all
over those who paved the way for his success.

What a great example, indeed. :-/

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