AMD64 and Scanners

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Tue Jul 22 13:38:18 UTC 2008

slow, not skating, :o)

Oliver Sampson wrote:

>> also, have you made yourself a member of scanner groups?
> No.

do it. being in 'group's makes for better association.

> Interesting. On my i386 system, I installed the drivers and it worked
> like a charm. Now on my AMD64 system, with the same drivers (there is no
> 64 bit version) and the same scanner, I get nada.

i have not gotten into pleasure of 64 bit yet, so i can not comment
on how and why of work/not work.

check: to search for backend drivers.

i copied all my scanner files that i still had and will check back thru
them to see where i found what i need for xsane and gimp.

can not help with iscan, do not believe it was released when i set up
scanner. which i have not done again as it was on loan and now returned.

>> also, is scanner working thru sane, xsane, or gimp?
> No, no, and no. And not with the Avasys iscan either.

your i386 drivers may not work due to a changes in code from time of
i386 and now x86_64.

> Wow. And I thought I had googled that pretty extensively. Thanks!

welcome. do use google-linux advanced address. does work much better.


> I hadn't actually googled on the v10, but on AMD64 support.  

in some cases, cpu may be needed, but in most all, device model is best

> Thanks!

most welcome.

going offline to take care of my mom. back in an hour or so.





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