F8 - Error in xine installation failure

Barry barryyu-cts at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jul 22 15:16:08 UTC 2008

Michael Schwendt wrote:
> On Mon, 21 Jul 2008 21:50:07 -0700, Barry wrote:
>> At the end of Xine installation got messages below;
>> Transaction Check Error:
>>   file /usr/share/locale/cs/LC_MESSAGES/libxine1.mo from install of 
>> xine-lib-1.1.12-2.fc8 conflicts with file from package xine-lib-1.1.8-4.fc8
>> Error Summary
>> As a result the Xine installation failed.
> x86_64, right?
> Even if you answer "no", it smells a lot like you have multiple
> versions of xine-lib installed.
> Run "yum -y install yum-utils" if you haven't got them already.
> Then run "yum-complete-transaction ; package-cleanup --cleandupes"
> as superuser.
I install yum-utils and then run ;
yum-complete-transaction ; package-cleanup --cleandupes
No unfinished transactions left.
Setting up yum
No dupes to clean

And then after that I yum installl xine again, however the installation 
failure still same as before.
This is a very very odd case;
The Xine and mplayer, vlc were all working fine in this system running 
with F8 64bit dual boot with Vista.

I wiped out F8 and installed F9 from scratch, found that I preferred f8 

I wiped out F9 and fresh installed F8 again with Livna enabled, but yum 
installation for mplayer, xine, vlc all failed deal to lib conflicts. I 
used another F8 DVD with media check verified ok and wipe out again to 
do another fresh F8 installation - And the result was the same - 
Installations for xine, mplayer,vlc failed mainly caused by lib conflict 
as both xine and mplayer reflected.

In order to verify if my hardware has problem, so I wiped out F8 again 
and fresh installed F9 the 2nd time, I use livna to install xine, 
mplayer and both worked fine.

I wiped out the F9 and did the 3 rd time F8 fresh installation 
(Formatted every linux partition during installation process), and then 
I used livna first, the installation of mplayer and xine failed again 
due to lib conflicts. So I disabled livna and used freshrpm - This time 
the mplayer yum installation works at lease can play DVD movie although 
I found that playing web radio is not functioning, but yum install the 
xine still failed because of lib conflict.
I noticed that when shutting down the system, there is an error message 

The whole past week I Wiped out F8 3 times for fresh installation and 
still getting same issue, other function seemed working fine.
The F9 can yum install xine and mplayer.
The Vista is working ok.
I've got stuck, very very strange.
This system is an Intel Core 2 Duo E6850, Intel motherboard DQ35JOE with 
onboard HD sound with dual video output, 4G DDR2. Configured to run RAID 
0 stripping. I used this system for first install of F8 when it just 
came out everything was working perfectly Ok.

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