Fedora 9 - Signal over range.

Adrian Lawler alawler at iol.ie
Tue Jul 22 16:15:09 UTC 2008


I've just downloaded and installed Fedora 9 in Text Mode, I cannot do so in
Graphics Mode. If I select that option my monitor first displays;
"DVI No Input Signal" then follws that with "Signal Over Range".
Obviously at this point I'm staring at a blank screen.

The OS is working in Text Mode but if I attempt to start the Xserver I get
the same result.

The errors are coming from the monitor, not the OS. It seems that whatever
resolution and refresh rate the XServer uses, my monitor cannot display it.
The monitor is a 17" LCD Flat Panel Hercules Prophetview 920DVi. 

I could use some information as to how to drop the resolution and refresh
rate while in Text Mode. I think that should solve the problem. I am fairly
new to Linux but I am getting reasonably confident with it. 

The computer it is running on it pretty much up to date as regards
hardware. I have not installed Graphics Card specific drivers. 
I believe this installation was a new install of Fedora 9 and not an
upgrade from Fedora 8 (Which worked fine). 

Many Thanks.

Adrian Lawler.
Macetown Lodge,
Co. Meath.

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