Why is Fedora not a Free GNU/Linux distributions?

Alexandre Oliva aoliva at redhat.com
Tue Jul 22 17:13:12 UTC 2008

On Jul 22, 2008, Antonio Olivares <olivares14031 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> if he decides to make changes and distribute them, i.e, sell to
> other fisherman, then he must make those changes available back to

I realize this is meant to be funny, rather than factually correct
(mixing up GPL with GNU, for one), but there's no such requirement in
the GPL.

Nobody's required to make changes available *back* to anyone else,
under any Free Software license whatsoever, distributing the software
or not.  The requirement is to make them available *forward* to the
recipients of that modified version of the software.

This is unlike some Open Source licenses, that do make such
requirements, even if you'd rather not distribute the software.

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