Newbie: USB Pen Drive on Fedora Core 3

Adalbert Prokop adalbert.prokop at
Tue Jul 22 21:20:03 UTC 2008

Bravismore Mumanyi wrote on Tuesday 22 July 2008:

> May any folk out there help me with a guide on how I manually mount USB
> pen drives on Fedora Core 3. I have tried plugging in a pen drive which
> shows an activity light but no icon is automatically displayed. I have
> failed to figure out where it is mounted.

Probably nowhere. ;) FC3 is really old. You had to deal with USB drives 
manually - or semi-manually, with help of hotplug.

If you really want to keep FC3 then look for configuration of hotplug. The 
internet never forgets anything, I suppose the information about how to 
configure it is still available. If I recall it correctly there was a 
python script which was called for any USB drive which was plugged it. 
Each drive had to be "registered" with it first. Then it would create a 
symlink in /dev and alter the fstab to allow unpriviledged users to mount 

But if upgrade to something recent (F8 or F9) is an option for you, then 
you should do it.


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