Why is Fedora not a Free GNU/Linux distributions?

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 23 01:35:16 UTC 2008

> > Like others have said on this list, they should call
> it whatever
> > they consider is best.
> Do you think it's just fine if I call you Florisvaldo
> Azeitonares?
It is fine with me, although I was not baptized or registered under Florisvaldo Azeitonares.  But you want to call me that ok.  That does not offend me.  
> What if people started a campaign and got a lot of people
> to call you
> like that, because "they consider it best"?
IF I become famous come out on TV, I could care less.  I will be famous I could come out on TV and encourage millions of people to at least dual-boot and enjoy both OS to the full limit of their powers.  If it would empower me, sure why not?  I would take a shot also at the bad guys, the companies that made it hard to use their programs.  
>  What if you found that offensive and denigrating?
Whether I find it offensive or denigrating does not matter.  Why?  Because many people have found it offensive the push to add the GNU to Linux?  Why did they not name it like that in the first place so that all these arguments do not exist?  Everything has to be well defined, *like in mathematics*, you are either right or wrong.  IN the case of the naming business, I believe everyone should have a say as to what they want to call their OS.  
> What if you kid's colleagues at school started calling
> him by a
> demeaning name?  
I would encourage my kid to be strong minded with courage to confront all of the people, a name or nickname has never been a bad thing, * society takes offense, but back then all of this is childish nonsense*.  One has to be strong to survive and move on, like Darwin, only the strong survive and the weak go down.  
>Wouldn't you reprimand the colleagues
> at school and
> teach them that this is not something that good kids should
> do, or at
> least ask the teacher to do so?
I tell the kids should not do it, but if they do to fight back and call the other guy names as well.  What does the guy feel.  It is ok for him to call my kid names but not the other way around.  I don't think so.  
> Why do you think this situation is any different?
It is different because we are talking about an operating system that would have been nothing had Linus Torvalds not build that kernel back in 1991.  Yes without the GNU tools in place, the kernel would have been nothing as well, but that should not be the issue.  I can give you many examples of one thing needing another so that they could mutually exist.  
>  Why is
> it that the
> bullies get away with using a demeaning term to refer to
> our kid, and
> even find that they have a right to do it?  
Because the laws and law enforcement do not do their jobs and teach these guys to be respectful.  Parents cannot swat their kids, because they could end up in jail.  Parents are afraid to correct their kids nowadays and the law protects them very much.  The values and mores are going down.  
>Just because they invented the name?
That does not give them any rights whatsover, but if the name becomes famous they can patent it or copyright it.  That way the name is used properly and the way they wanted it to be used. Whether that is right or wrong?  That is another call!  
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