Why is Fedora not a Free GNU/Linux distributions?

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 23 02:38:43 UTC 2008

> If you can read Portuguese (from your name, perhaps you
> can), please
> have a look at
> http://fsfla.org/svnwiki/blogs/lxo/pub/gplv3-novidades
> and http://fsfla.org/svnwiki/blogs/lxo/pub/copyleft, it may
> help
> understand the reasoning behind the conditions of the GPL,
> if its
> preamble doesn't for you.

Well while I was not trained to read Portuguese anywhere, I could relate and make some connections.

First I got a 406 error: (never heard of that one)
Not Acceptable
An appropriate representation of the requested resource /svnwiki/blogs/lxo/pub/gplv3-novidades could not be found on this server.
 Available variants: 
gplv3-novidades.pt.html , type text/html, language pt

A idéia da GPL ==> The idea of the GPL

Software é livre quando o usuário tem quatro liberdades fundamentais: (0) rodar o programa para qualquer propósito, (1) estudá-lo e adaptá-lo às suas necessidades, (2) redistribuí-lo, da forma como foi recebido e (3) modificá-lo e distribuir as modificações.

Free software for the end user with four fundamental liberties
(0) program or programs for whatwever purpose
(1) User can adapt to his/her necessities
(2) It is redistributable in the same form as recieved
(3) if you modify it you have to distribute the modificiations(this is the part that has hit the distros I talked about)

"Restrições adicionais" na GPLv3

Additional restrictions

Something with DRM (Digital Rights Management)
That nothing should deprive the end user to do as he/she pleases with the products that he/she gets.  There is also the famous Tivo mentioned.  

Mais vantagens ==> More advantages

Balanço positivo ==> Positive Balance  

I read it and even though I did not understand it completely, I was impressed and in some ways the license looks good.  Not all projects have been released with GPLv3, but more will soon.  

Wbat I also have to thank you again if not already done, is for your patience, for your stregth and your courage to promote the message(s) that you have conveyed. 

/** sorry if I double posted, but was knocked out of internet and had to reconnect **/




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