need help removing/disabling LUKS disk encryption

Amitakhya Phukan aphukan.fedora at
Wed Jul 23 07:21:38 UTC 2008

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Konstantin Svist wrote:
| Hi all,
| I've installed F9 with disk encryption to try it out -- and now I want 
to remove it.
| Is there a way to just turn it off - revert to unencrypted partitions 
- without reinstalling the OS?
| Also, I've heard there should be a way to specify a separate 
encryption password for the underprivileged user - how is this done in F9?
| Thanks

man cryptsetup should answer your queries. there are links at the end of 
the manual you might wanna visit.

when i had this problem ( i had encrypted my /home), i took a backup of 
/home, unmounted it, removed the encryption and remounted /home and got 
back the files and folders from the backup.

as for your second question: i have a suggestion though i haven't tried 
that myself. when you alter an encryption key, the procedure is to 
create a separate key as, say key number 2, then disable the key number 
1 and then use key number 2. you may try creating the key number 2, and 
not disabling key number 1, and then try mounting the file system using 
key number 2. if all is ok, then you can give the key number 2 to 
underprivileged user ... my answer is based on my thinking that you want 
to have a key for yourself and a separate key for others. is that so  ?

also, try to search in the fedora-list archives for encrypting a 
partition thread.. the discussions there will give you a good idea. the 
date is 12/24/2007.

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