signal to noise

Anders Karlsson anders at
Wed Jul 23 14:45:11 UTC 2008

* Mark Haney <mhaney at> [20080723 15:39]:
> Ron Morin wrote:
>> this list is too noisy.  bye-bye fedora, hello ubuntu.
> \
> Wait, you're changing distros because the list is too noisy?  Really? Do 
> you change cars when you get low on fuel?  Or the radio station plays a 
> crappy song? Have you EVER heard of unsubscribing?

To find a mailing list that is quiet - locate a dead distro. Or
something to that effect.

> And do you think the ubuntu list is any better?  (I'm on it.  No.)

Sounds like it's not really improved in the two years I've been away
from it.

This list really went quiet after last nights sieve rules got put in
place on my mail/imap server. (I'm still game to explain the setup if
anyone wants to do the same.)

> Oh and do say a hearty 'Hello' to Karl for us.  You think this list is  
> bad, you'll love him.

Karl's still going strong I gather. ;-)


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