signal to noise

Andrew Kelly akelly at
Wed Jul 23 14:58:00 UTC 2008

On Wed, 2008-07-23 at 10:49 -0400, Mark Haney wrote:
> Anders Karlsson wrote:
> > * Mark Haney <mhaney at> [20080723 15:39]:
> > 
> > Karl's still going strong I gather. ;-)
> > 
> > /Anders
> > 
> The list (like most distro lists I'm on) is pretty much like the rest. 
> I've found the ubuntu list has more n00bs in it, which makes for more 
> fun posts, but a large portion of them do manage to use proper etiquette.
> Karl on the other hand, will NEVER learn.  About anything.

I know this is a rude thing to say, but I'm simply going to take the
karma hit and deal with it.
Could we all please stop rocking that boat? I'd hate for it to cause a
prodigal return, as it were.

In German we like to say, "Mal den Teufel nicht an die Wand", Don't
paint the devil on the wall.


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