NetworkManager sabotages DNS? on fc9

McGuffey, David C. DAVID.C.MCGUFFEY at
Wed Jul 23 15:13:43 UTC 2008

On Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 09:37:18 -1000 "Dave Burns" wrote

> I just installed fc9 on a Dell precision T5400 from the live CD. On
> previous fc9 installs, I've had a problem that networking doesn't
> start at boot if I didn't open up the network panel and check
> "controlled by networkmanager". On this new install, when I have that
> box checked, DNS does not work (nslookup times out). If I uncheck that
> box and disable/enable eth0, DNS starts working. DNS is being served
> to this machine from another machine.
> Does NetworkManager get DNS info from DHCP or somewhere else? How
> could this behavior make sense? Does NetworkManager assume dynamic
> addressing? I am trying to make it static, could that be the problem?
> I guess I will experiment with just turning NetworkManager off, since
> this is a desktop unit not a laptop, has no wireless.
> Thanks for clues,
> Dave

I'm having a similar problem with an F7 machine.  My topic was "Lost DNS

Yesterday afternoon I ran tshark and discovered that the dns lookups
were going to an old dns server that was no longer in existence.  I had
poked the correct entries in resolve.conf, only to discover that they
were being overwritten by some process.

I was finally able to set resolve.conf the way I wanted it, remove the
write bit, set the immutable bit, and get it to work.

My next task was to go looking at the logs to see what was trying to
scribble in resolve.conf...but your post puts me onto something.

Since I have a static address approach on my internal network, maybe I
need to disable NetworkManager.

Dave McGuffey
Principal Information System Security Engineer // NSA-IEM, NSA-IAM
SAIC, IISBU, Columbia, MD

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