OT: AT&T U-Verse internet

Mike Wright mike.wright at mailinator.com
Wed Jul 23 16:32:47 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I've been offered AT&T's U-Verse television/internet service but have 
been told that it's Windows only (which sounds nonsensical to me; they 
said the same thing about my DSL service).

I've scoured the net looking for information about the gateway device 
but have come up empty handed.  I think it would be a 3700HGV-B but am 
not certain.  I'd really like to see a user's manual.

I'm in San Jose, California.  Is there anybody in this area that has 
this service and that would be able to comment on it, especially wrt its 
IP scheme?  I.e. is it static/dynamic, how many IPs, does it allow 
traffic shaping, could I run my own VOIP service, etc.?

I need to find out before my 3 day right of recission expires.

Sorry for the additional noise on the list.

Thanks in advance,
Mike Wright :m)

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