SElinux concerning symlink?

Mike C mike.cloaked at
Thu Jul 24 10:49:23 UTC 2008

Stuart Sears <stuart <at>> writes:

> 6. let us know what the error messages are. We can be of more help that 
> way. Everything we do at the moment is little more than educated guesswork.

OK many thanks Stuart - when I get back to the machine this evening I will
get some answers to the questions you ask and provide further information.

I was not sure what to look for and your post is very helpful to get me
going with this.

I will post specific details in response to your post and then hopefully
will be able to progress.

Until now I have avoided SELinux (by switching it off) but since it 
is supposed to be in a working state now in F9 I thought I would try and
get to grips with it rather than avoiding the issue!

I'll post again this evening or tomorrow.


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