IMAP mail transfer to new host

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Thu Jul 24 12:19:00 UTC 2008

Sam Varshavchik wrote:

>> I want to use imapsync to transfer my email
>> from ~tim/Maildir/ on alfred to ~tim/Maildir/ on helen ,
>> all internal to my system.
>> Can some kind soul tell me the command to give on helen .
> rsync -a alfred:~tim/Maildir .

Thanks, I went that way in the end (and it worked).

I've a suspicion imapsync did not work properly under Centos 5.2 .
The error messages seemed to suggest that some Perl items were missing.
And when I yum-installed it on the Centos machine it only brought in
one Perl module, whereas it brought in a dozen or so on a Fedora machine.
However, I doubt if I will ever use it again, so I won't pursue that.

But I didn't find any useful help 
when googling for "imapsync server migration".
None of the half-dozen documents I looked at 
seemed to stoop down to my level.

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