that old GNU/Linux argument

Les Mikesell lesmikesell at
Thu Jul 24 17:28:23 UTC 2008

max bianco wrote:
> So you refer to your car by engine size? You tell people you drive a
> 2.4 Liter car?
> For the record when explaining to completely clueless people what
> Linux is, they think Linux is one thing like Windows is one thing.
> They will say " You mean like XP and Vista right?"  and you'll respond
> *sigh* "No, not like that...." or "Well, sort of but ...."
> Try explaining the concept of a distribution to someone who has no
> idea what your talking about and you will soon find that calling the
> OS Linux is really misleading. I don't care what you call it
> personally but the other side has a very valid point. The kernel is
> useless without the shell, compiler, etc...

Usually you name something for its more attractive features, not 
utilitarian gunk.  There was a GNU project before Linux. Next to no one 
used it.  There is still a GNU project OS without Linux.  No one uses 
it.  What is the attractive part here?

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