How do I set up networked printers in F9 ?

linuxguy linuxguy123 at
Thu Jul 24 18:08:56 UTC 2008

We are networking our printers so that everyone in the house can use

We have an HP all in one USB device that we connected to the network via
a Linksys ASUS print server.   We also just got a Dell 1720DN networked

Both devices work via USB on both my F9 machine and a Windows machine.

The Dell is connected directly to the network.   If I, the printer configuration page comes up.   

The HP is connected to the print server, which is connected to the
network. If I http://192.168.107 , I get the print server setup page.

I'd like to get the Dell 1720DN running first. 

Here is what I am doing.   I start system-config-printer.   I select New
Printer.  The New Printer window appears.  Now it wants me to select a

My options are AppSocket/HP JetDirect, Internet Printing Protocol,
LPD/LPR Host or Printer or Other.

What connection should I use for the 1720DN and where do I go from
there ?

Dell ships a linux app for installing the 1720 on the CDROM, but I
thought I would be able to set the 1720 to PS emulation and connect to
it the way I connect to a CUPS server.  Am I wrong ?


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