SElinux concerning symlink?

Mike mike.cloaked at
Thu Jul 24 20:35:27 UTC 2008

Craig White <craigwhite <at>> writes:

> make life easy on yourself and install setroubleshoot...
> # rpm -qa|grep setrouble
> setroubleshoot-plugins-2.0.4-5.fc9.noarch
> setroubleshoot-server-2.0.8-2.fc9.noarch
> setroubleshoot-2.0.8-2.fc9.noarch
Already installed and running - in this instance it helped partially in 
that it indicated how to get the ssh login (into the machine from another)
but has not helped solve the passwordless login for ssh yet - and I just 
found that there is a blog where another user had exactly the same issue

The above is on a single line - I had to break the line entering the url

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