SElinux concerning symlink?

Mike mike.cloaked at
Thu Jul 24 20:45:40 UTC 2008

Mike <mike.cloaked <at>> writes:

> selinux-preventing-ssh-passwordless-login/
> The above is on a single line - I had to break the line entering the url

Following the advice in that link I did
touch /.autorelabel;reboot

This reverted the system so that ssh in failed as it had in the first place
so I had to fix the context for /opt/ using restorecon again....

This put me back in the position where I can ssh in but only giving the 
password - passwordless login is still not possible.

I tried restorecon -v /opt/Local/home/mike/.ssh/authorized_keys2 but
this made no difference - and I still cannot login without the password.

The sealert message suggests doing restorecon -v './authorized_keys2' 
and I had tried but this does not fix the problem.

Hence there seems to be a bug in the SELinux policy on this issue? 

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