that old GNU/Linux argument

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Thu Jul 24 21:00:59 UTC 2008

> > Under the hood there is the Linux engine,
> > But tell me, what is in principle The Single Most
> Important element
> > of the car? There is only one answer --- the engine.
> So, what remains to be justified is why you decided Linux
> is the
> engine rather than say one of the tires.  You present no
> evidence
> whatsoever to support this decision, and it seems entirely
> arbitrary,
> bordering circular logic.  IOW, you arbitrarily chose the
> elements in
> the analogy, without any backing whatsoever, in such a way
> that they
> would support the conclusion you wanted to arrive at. 
> That's called a
> false analogy.  It's caused by circular reasoning. 
> Unless you have
> reasons to support the parallel, that is.  Please share.
> -- 

The engine is important, but that engine needs oil, it needs water, and gasoline/diesel to power it. That engine by itself is no good, without a transmission that will move the tires.  If the car has no tires, what good does it do.  The car needs good tires, if the car has a flat tire, you will move nowhere :(  Do you have a spare tire?  
The car has an engine, with its transmission and it has tires, but it does not have a battery :(?  You can't go anywhere.  In Mexico, they sell batteries/accumuladores brand LTH and they say that it is "El Alma de tu Automovil", the soul of your car., but it can't be because it is the engine :(  All the parts are equally important.  Every single little thing is important.  The same applies in our beloved Fedora or other Linux system in which the linux kernel is truly "the core of the Operating system".  People decided to call it Linux, yes it is not set in stone :(, but for me and for many here,  Linux is our preferred choice and that is how we are going to call it :)




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