that old GNU/Linux argument

Les Mikesell lesmikesell at
Fri Jul 25 13:42:40 UTC 2008

Alexandre Oliva wrote:
>  That's what enables GNU libc to offer the same API and,
> at times, even the same ABI, while targeting very different kernels.
>> Who did that port?? Linus and his team?
> Most certainly.  I can't quite picture the GNU project putting
> resources into the early development of GNU+Linux to make the
> combination usable.  Linux was not perceived as a relevant kernel for
> the GNU operating system back then.

More significantly, Linus didn't seem interested in their cult politics 
at the time.  But the point regarding naming is that people have always 
had the choice to use the non-Linux version of GNU.  They still do.  But 
no one wants that.  So why change the name of something people do want 
to include something they never have wanted?  It's clearly just a ploy 
to drag out the cult politics the name conveys.

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