F9 - cups - windows shared printer

g geleem at bellsouth.net
Fri Jul 25 18:14:20 UTC 2008

Aaron Konstam wrote:
> The group of the user and firefox is irrelevant.

anyway, i added '<gbwg>' only because i had added 'firefox'.

maybe in case of 'lp' at this time. yet back when i set up cups in
mandrake 8 and 9, it was necessary. it was also necessary that i was
in 'sane' and 'xsane' group.

for sure, there are other groups that do require a user to be added
to various groups.

another 2 points that make whole thing interesting is that so far,
craig has found problem only with firefox and problem only seems to
be related to cups that is set up to share with ms windows.

second, that this problem has not shown up with any other distribs.




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