I've corrupted my KDE session ! How do I fix it ?

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Fri Jul 25 21:06:38 UTC 2008

On Fri, 2008-07-25 at 14:20 -0600, linux guy wrote:
> I accidentally ran my computer out of hard drive room.  I'm running
> F9/ KDE4.  Everything froze.  I couldn't do anything with that
> session, so I started a new console session (ctrl-alt-F6) and did a
> "shutdown -r now".
> The computer rebooted.   I logged into a console.  I deleted the
> offending file, so now I have 3 GB of free hard drive space.
> My problem is that if I attempt to start a new KDE session with that
> user, I get a bunch of error messages for the file icons on my
> desktop, the panel doesn't appear, the menus don't appear, etc.   It
> appears I have a corrupted session.  How does one start a new session
> that doesn't try to resume the old session or how does one fix a
> corrupted session ?
> BTW: I can log in and run a KDE session as another user just fine.   I
> am doing so right now.
log in as another user


mv .kde .kde-bak

exit - logout and login as yourself.

Note that this will move your kde settings and you may want some of them
back which can be copied into the newly created .kde directory
(usually .kde/share/apps or .kde/share/config stuff)


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