How stable is OpenJDK for real work?

Andre Costa blueser at
Fri Jul 25 22:54:19 UTC 2008


I work with Java development, and I work at home quite a lot. I am
currently using Sun's 1.6.0u7 x86_64 JDK and it's working fine with
Eclipse 3.4 on my F9, but I was willing to give OpenJDK a try.
However, even though it passed the JCK test suite, there might still
be some ground to cover, and the last thing I need is an unstable work

So, does anyone have any good/bad experience with OpenJDK 64bits +
Eclipse 3.4 64bits to share? Actually, I am interested on feedback on
other apps as well, such as Azureus, FrostWire, OpenOffice etc.



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