a long rebuttal to the Linux-is-the-engine fallacy

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 26 03:22:06 UTC 2008

> > One exists and it works in more platforms.
> > http://cdrecord.berlios.de/private/smake.html
> smake is hardly a replacement for GNU make, let alone for
> autotools
> machinery.  It won't take existing configure.{in,ac},
> acconfig.h and
> Makefile.am files and enable you to autoconfigure and build
> programs
> out of them.  You'd have to rewrite the build machinery
> of each one of
> the packages that use autoconf and automake (and libtool)
> to be able
> to replace GNU software.
> -- 

Allright, if smake does not do it, there is cmake.


as I found out about it


That one should suffice.  If it does not, we will look for another one, but there have to be some out there :) 




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