Why is Fedora not a Free GNU/Linux distributions?

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 26 19:49:03 UTC 2008

> >>> Please stop spreading misinformation.
> >>
> >> That's funny - remember this post is in
> response to my exact quote of 
> >> the license section 2b.  Do you really consider
> what the license 
> >> actually say as misinformation?
> > 
> > The terms of the license aren't misinformation;
> your uninformed 
> > interpretation of them is.
> There is nothing to interpret.  If you don't like what
> the license 
> actually says, why do you keep defending it?
> -- 

He might defend the good parts of the license :)
just look in the analogy by Mr. Hoffman about the girl* 

While on this topic, I found articles on GPL Hindering code sharing 


In that above page, I found an argument by Jack Hoffman*, 
The BSD developers got what they wanted. Their code is in use. The BSD license intentionally trades away protection from inclusion in differently licensed projects in return for the increased likelihood that the code can be used.

The GPL developers got what they wanted. Their code is protected from proprietization (And ONLY their code. Anyone can take the original BSD licensed code and do what they want with it).

There is no story here. The GPL and BSD licenses try to achieve different goals and both work as advertised. If you want an analogy: BSD is like the girl who sleeps with everybody. She gets a lot of sex and is invited to every party, but nobody respects her. GPL is like the girl who is selective about her partners. She doesn't have quite as much "fun" and has earned herself a little bit of a hard-to-get reputation, but the people who know her treat her well. Proprietary licenses usually require payment.

In trying to work together, the code was released as GPL, but they found that there could have been violations?


Now, since the code was released under GPLv2, the changes cannot be shared between the two communities.  This is where the people lose on both sides of the argument.




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