Laptop tracking software

Sam Varshavchik mrsam at
Sat Jul 26 20:59:20 UTC 2008

techlist at writes:

> Hello,
> I am wondering if there is laptop tracking software included with Fedora. I am 
> currently using Fedora 8. If there is no such thing in the distro, what would 
> anyone recommend for a third-party F/OSS  software? 
> What I meant is a software that can track the laptop whereabouts, which would 
> be useful in the case that it gets stolen, etc. So there should be a way to 
> retrieve the information from a different computer.

If you do not need a Fort Knox-type security, you can get away simply by 
scheduling a cron job that runs wget hourly to download some image file on a 
web server. If the laptop grows feet and walks away, check your web server's 

Of course this would work only as long as the cron job remains undiscovered, 
and as long as the laptop does not get reformatted. No software-only 
solution can survive a reformatted hard drive, anyway.

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