Announcement: New repo with updated ClamAV packages for Fedora 8

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Sun Jul 27 01:53:58 UTC 2008

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Verily I say unto thee, that Bob Marcan spake thusly:

(Original subject: clamav 0.93 on Fedora 8)

> Will this ever happen ?

For some reason the Fedora 8 packages for ClamAV are lagging behind F9,
so I've provided updates for the following architectures, based on the
Fedora 9 SRPM:

i386 (flags -march=i386):
x86_64 (flags -march=athlon64):
VIA C3 (flags -march=c3):

To use this repo with yum, please copy the following file to

Or for VIA C3 (original EPIA systems):

The repo's GPG key is here:


Currently ClamAV is the only package in this repo (just up a few minutes
ago), but I may be providing other packages in the near future.

* Sat Jul 26 2008 Keith G. Robertson-Turner <fedora[AT]> -
- - Rebuilt for Fedora 8
- - Enabled RAR support

Note: RAR support means this package is proprietary (freeware), although
express permission has been given by the author to redistribute software
that includes or incorporates unrar.

   2. The UnRAR sources may be used in any software to handle RAR
      archives without limitations free of charge, but cannot be used
      to re-create the RAR compression algorithm, which is proprietary.
      Distribution of modified UnRAR sources in separate form or as a
      part of other software is permitted, provided that it is clearly
      stated in the documentation and source comments that the code may
      not be used to develop a RAR (WinRAR) compatible archiver.


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