Misunderstanding GPL's terms and conditions as restrictions

Les Mikesell lesmikesell at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 03:28:06 UTC 2008

Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> 2b is not a "terms" of the license, it is a condition for you to be
> entitled to modify and distribute the work, or modified versions of
> it, under the GPL.  If you want to distribute it under another
> license, and you have some additional permission to do so, it doesn't
> get in your way.

Using any other terms would be a direct contradiction of what it  says.

>>> Now, what does agreeing to this amount to?  "You may breathe in, as
>>> long as you breathe out.  Do you agree?"
>> If you agree to
>>     "cause any work that you distribute or publish,
> You don't have to agree to that.  That's the point.  That's where
> you're misreading it.  Please talk to a lawyer you trust.

You omitted what it really says:  "You must cause...".  Does the word 
"must" mean something different in Brazil?  Here, there are no options 
associated with it.  If you need any permissions the GPL gives, that 
requirement goes with it.

    Les Mikesell
      lesmikesell at gmail.com

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