Misunderstanding GPL's terms and conditions as restrictions

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 28 06:44:41 UTC 2008

> > What if the bad guys already made a great deal of
> money and then
> > they declare themselves bankrupt?
> Then what?  What does this have to do with the GPL?
That the GPL is very hard to enforce.  In the end the bad guys just rip the very authors that published their work using the GPL.  The bad guys will get away with a lot of sh*t and the law(s) that protected the original authors and ensured that they got the license followed is very hard to apply.  Look at the GPL violations page posted before.  
> > They have already taken advantage of the free code
> available and
> > make their own proprietary programs and not give
> anything bad.
> Users who accepted these restrictions were harmed, indeed. 
> Society
> missed an opportunity to get their contributions, indeed. 
> That's
> quite unfortunate, indeed, but there's nothing special
> about the GPL
> in this situation.
> > This is very true but unfortunate.  Businesses and
> developers need
> > something that will protect them and make the abusers
> pay.
> How about users conscious of the importance of freedom?
> Then abusers wouldn't even make the money in the first
> place.
If they do, who is going to stop them, just look at the ichess project taking from the other project.  The case is still pending :(
> But to this end people need to learn about freedom, and why
> they
> should care about it.  That's why it is so important
> that you and
> everyone help spread these ideas.  Just by using the term
> GNU/Linux,
> you'll get several opportunities to talk about it and
> spread
> awareness.
> -- 
I do not need to do it, it has been done already by GNU themselves 
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