My own private GNU / Linux thread

Andrew Kelly akelly at
Mon Jul 28 09:31:06 UTC 2008

Yes, it's mine, but I'm happy to share. 
Well, at least as long as it doesn't become tainted by any
self-important bluster. 

I've been in very close contact with a scandinavian physicist who has
proof that the number of strange attractors these threads are generating
is beginning to affect the efficiency of sauna heating in the north. 

The two of us, each having been asked by the other to represent all of
humanity, have determined that a crisis intervention is imperative.

As you read this, dozens of grade school children dressed as ghosts (but
with 3 versions of the GPL and some random perl fragments embossing
their sheets) are descending upon strategically selected, prolific
posters to this list. These gOSSts (ghoulish Open Source Software
touting students), rattling their ipchains and menacingly moaning
will perform

Until such time as Your System or Network Administrator issues a SIGHUP
and peace again descends upon us.

There. Eat my OT dust.


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