updating my "getting started with QEMU under fedora" howto

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Mon Jul 28 18:06:24 UTC 2008

  i was going to take what i thought was a couple minutes and update
my writeup on QEMU under fedora:


for fedora 9 but, apparently, it's not going to be a simple s/8/9/g.

  there doesn't appear to be a (livna) kqemu-kmdl package anymore;
instead, it's kmod-kqemu.  then there's this akmod-kqemu package there
as well, which i've never seen before.

  i'm sure it won't take long to sort out the new packages, but if
this has already been written up somewhere for f9, i'd be fine with
that.  otherwise, i'll do it myself.


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