that old GNU/Linux argument

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Mon Jul 28 19:06:04 UTC 2008

> Hey, how about me starting a quest here? :-)
> When you say "information" above, you actually
> mean "classical information", 
> as opposed to quantum information, which does not possess
> the property of 
> copying (this famous property is called the no-cloning
> theorem).
quantum as opposed to classical, I do not see what is the connection? 
> So you should certainly agree that we should all support
> the movement that in 
> all books, media and language on the planet, word
> "information" be 
> substituted with "classical/information", in
> order to emphasize the 
> distinction from quantum/information, and thus give
> appropriate credit to all 
> those hard-working quantum physicists who taught us that
> there is a 
> difference in such an important notion?
> So please, whereever it appears from now on, write and say 
> classical/information and GNU/Linux, instead of information
> and Linux. It is 
> social injustice to do the latter. We need to educate the
> ignorant general 
> public about these things.
I am not sure what you mean by classical information as opposed to information here.  Can you be more specific?  
> How about it? It is a proper and moral thing to do!
> We'll feel better doing 
> it, and when we look back at our lives, we'll see that
> we did our best to 
> straighten up not one, but two big social injustices on
> this planet. ;-)

I do not see how not using GNU/Linux is a social injustice.  I disagree. It is already hard coded into many Linux distributions.

[olivares at localhost ~]$ uname -o

That should be enough.  Nobody is being hurt, no one is losing money, or sleep(Maybe RMS does not sleep well because people do not use GNU/Linux when referring to your OS of choice), or not having a thing to eat because the people do not use the GNU/ Tag to Linux.  People like to use the name Linux, and whether it is morally right or wrong I respect both sides.  Still to force the tag it along the GNU part to the Linux part.  It is already there!  

> Of course, if anyone tries to disagree, I have very strong
> arguments of 
> persuasion (remember, I'm a physicist, I know some
> about this quantum stuff), 
> and am willing to create a thread of magnitude so far
> unseen on Fedora list 
> (or any list).  And it wouldn't be off-topic, because
> the same quest is both 
> about classical/information and GNU/Linux, so it is
> relevant.
Can your thread far exceed this one?  I will not dare you to do it, but I think it is not needed.  If you decide to create it, may people might ignore it and/or *block it*.  This does not help either cause.  
> Come on folks, what do you say? Is anyone willing to
> co-found a non-profit 
> organization with me for this cause? I apel on your
> morality, ethics and a 
> feeling on what is the Right Thing here.
The right thing for me to do is to {sHuT ThE HeLl up}* as many people are ***very pissed off***, It is hard for me to do that * because I really enjoy reading the comments by all the members who have posted.  I would like to remain on the sidelines and come in to the field of play when called.  If someone calls me, I'll come back.  


> Best, :-)
> Marko
> P.S. I certainly hope that everyone gets the true point of
> this post, because 
> otherwise... ;-)
> -- 


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