New support lists?

Anders Karlsson anders at
Mon Jul 28 20:01:14 UTC 2008

* Mike Chambers <mike at> [20080728 21:16]:
> Hi all,
> Reading the last couple emails from another thread on maybe new list or
> two, and to segregate the content to them was brought up and have couple
> new list names that might help make sense or to get the ball rolling?
> fedora-list(this one) - General Fedora talk, opinions, suggestions,
> comments, distro wars, all that type stuff not support related.
> fedora-user-list or fedora-support-list - Bug references, problems with
> software, computer won't boot, email don't work, firefox plugins not
> working, etc.. where problems are asked about and responded to on
> *official releases*.

+1 , but you knew that I'd say that anyway.

A list dedicated to support would make a lot of sense, keeping it
factual and dedicated to the support topic and purpose.

Already seen that there is opposition to this idea, citing "too many
lists", but I don't see that. Volume of traffic across the lists
should be about the same for those that would want both. It would
allow those interested in actually helping people to focus on just
that, and those interested in advocacy or more generic talk to focus
on that.

It is a logical split.

> fedora-testers-list - as is, for testing alpha, beta, preview, rc
> releases when preparing a new release.
> fedora-devel-list - as is, for development of fedora, and the rest that
> is currently used on that list.
> See the url below for currently created lists already being used..
> Would this help make things better?

IMHO, yes.


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