that old GNU/Linux argument

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Mon Jul 28 22:41:50 UTC 2008

> Guess what the following line means for you. For me it
> means bliss :)
Whatever that is.  I do not know.  
> 	'olivares14031 at' => 14,
> Rui
> -- 

Rui, Alexandre, et. all.

If I insulted any of you, I am sorry, but not that I concede defeat or accept your triumph. 
Name calling and insulting what you have a right to feel are uncalled for.  Can we be friends?

All this thread was waste space and no one wins in the end.  People are indeed worried about this and have proposed other lists, that are unnecessary.  

crap makes its way into the list and other lists as well.  It is unfortunate that there can no true good come out of this.  Yes, we had the heated arguments that eventually led to /dev/null and nowhere else.  I agree with Anne and others that have posted that the list has become 95% chat and 5% help.  I am sorry for contributing to that 95% .  

# rm -rf /bin/hate
# rm -rf /bin/greed
# rm -rf /bin/evil
# rm -rf /bin/laden

Yes, Linux and GNU/Linux are both good names and deserving of each other.  




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