Do I need all of the 6 Fedora-Install-CD's?

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Tue Jul 29 00:21:19 UTC 2008

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> Subject: Do I need all of the 6 Fedora-Install-CD's?
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> Date: Monday, July 28, 2008, 5:07 PM
> Hi,
> torrent is running in circles after fedora, and I wonder:
> do I really
> need to burn 6 CD's? I mean clearly Nr.1 is the
> bootable one, but how is
> the package organised? In alphabetical order like avlib is
> on disk#1 and
> zlib on disk#6? Or are the important packages on disk#1 and
> the other
> disks are for users without net-access?!?
Pretty much, but if you have a fast connection, you might be better installing a base system from cd 1 or cd 2 and then use yum to install the DE that you want.  
> Well, if I get my internet running, I can download all the
> packages I
> need...
Depending on what you want, you might be better served installing from Live CD with the DE(Desktop Environment) that you want.  There are GNOME and KDE cd from the GetFedora Links.  
> So, thank your for helping along through the linux jungle
> :-)
> Wishing a nice evening (its 02:06 am in Germany...)
> Chris
Likewise, 7:20 pm Central Standard Time USA
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