Filtering was: Re: Can I get a word in edgewise here, puhlease?

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Tue Jul 29 02:18:40 UTC 2008

On Monday 28 July 2008, Ed Greshko wrote:

How the heck did my subject line get into this thread?  This has absolutely 
zip to do with my help request.

>g wrote:
>> Ed Greshko wrote:
>> <snip>
>>> Adding to work load.  And I don't use tbird filters.
>> they can come in handy tho for what gets thru spam filtering.
>I am well aware of tbird and its filtering.  I have other methods that I
>prefer to use.
>>> *All* of my spam filtering is handled by automated processes.  So, "to
>>> me" the need to manually add filters *is* more trouble.  You can't
>>> dispute how I feel.
>> no dispute. but manual filtering does come in handy. especially when
>> it comes to cleaning up a tech list.
>As I said, I do use another manual method.  I just don't appreciate having
>to invoke it when it is avoidable.
>>> sb stands for "Shit for Brains"?
>> lol. actually, i was using it for 'soap box'. but i guess your
>> interpretation could apply. [now i am going to catch it]
>>> They should not be placed in the position in the first place, IMHO.
>> again, 100%. but it is a fact of a tech support list that there will
>> be posters with nothing better to do than load down a list.
>> if they want to bash heads, it would be more effective/affective if
>> they would do it in a 'chat' some where. then they could interrupt
>> each other and make it more to their level.
>>> I have seen people using procmail filtering and weights and malformed
>>> rules getting mail discarded when they did not intend it to be so.
>> all a part of a learning curve that has to be dealt with. and a reason
>> that i do all my additional filtering with tbird.
>> with tbird, i set up filtering for tech list and non tech list, friends
>> and relatives, all by sender address. then i filter for html, which is
>> used by majority of spammers. what is left goes to 'occupant' which i
>> will check for time to time and usually 'delete all'.
>> it is not a perfect world, but best around so far.
>It is good that tbird filters work for you.

Cheers, Gene
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