that old GNU/Linux argument

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On Jul 28, 2008, Antonio Olivares <olivares14031 at> wrote:

>> > You know I really don't care what you call it, but
>> I do care that you are
>> > systematically driving people away from free software.
>> Away from Free Software or away from Fedora and Linux, that
>                                                       ^
> ^ Do you really mean Linux

Of course.  That's the name of the kernel I'm referring to.

> I thought you were pushing for GNU/Linux.

That's what I use to refer to the combination of the GNU operating
system with the kernel Linux.

> Are you conceding your position?


It feels like you didn't read a word that I wrote :-(

>> are both non-Free Software, and vocally not interested in being
>> Free Software?

> That is not the purpose of the Fedora Project.

The first archived copy of the Fedora Project web page begs to

  The goal of The Fedora Project is to work with the Linux community
  to build a complete, general purpose operating system exclusively
  from free software.

Everytime a piece of non-Free Software is added, regardless of the
excuse, it becomes more distant from its original goal.

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